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We are here to help you and answer all questions about arriving in Crete and all protocols necessary for your experience to be secured and safe.


Prepare your self to make your stay in Greece hustle free and without worry other than the holiday coming to an end.


Greece is one of the safest and most popular tourism destinations.

All travellers must complete their PLF before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of their stay while in Greece. 

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The climate in Greece is very mild without very cold winters or very hot summers. You are always advised to have the right clothes and pack the necessary personal items to avoid missing out from your holidays. 

An Important Note About Safety

We at Summerland Travel SA take the pandemic very seriously . Our team is fully vaccinated and we are always on top on following all protocols and update our procedures as per the ECDC directives . Rest assured should you wish any assistance we are always available to help. for questions contact us : tel:0030 2810 241108

Covid Procedure checklist

Procedure manual for isolation of suspicious covid-19 case( updated AUG 21)

Version 1.0.3

Summerland travel covid checklist
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Travel checklist

A valid passport with 6 months duration or a government ID for EU countries is required to enter the GREECE via all international hubs.

 All businesses are obligated to accept card payments so you can safely use any type of card for your transactions. Traveler’s checks are not known in Greece therefore you might not get far using them 😉

During the season there are very frequent charter flights direct to most popular destinations, with international airport. Make sure to check for these flights mostly via your travel agent or the airline directly. Skyscanner does not show all chartered flights. 

Outside all airports there are shuttle services to the main areas however you are advised to book a transfer for your arrival to become less tiring ! you can send us an email and we will offer you a quote 

During High season the hotels get really busy so make sure you book as early as possible your accommodation. This way you will get a better rate and the desired dates. 

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