Tasting experience 4-5 Hours 40+ min for private

Brief Description

Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village has been created with great passion and love. Our guests may feel it during their stay or visit. Built on the slope of a mountain, in the wild Cretan landscape, the village is a feast for the senses.

Mr Saloustros declares: “We created Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village where we maintain the culture of Crete through a variety of forms such as arts, professions, gastronomy, hospitality, lifestyle and customs. Thus our visitor escapes from the present day and is transferred to an older, pure and genuine era. The old one recalls memories of his childhood and the younger one experiences the simplicity and beauty of the past.”

AROLITHOS is an ancient greek word still alive in the cretan dialect. Ιts two components are “Aros” i.e liquid and “Lithos”, i.e stone. The natural surface dug stone or rock that gathers rainwater. The rock gathers, maintains and transmits the coolness of the water to humans or animals. The village Arolithos has this symbolic name because it gathers, maintains and transmits the traditions, the culture and the beauty of Crete.

Do you wish to escape from the present and have a trip back to the past ??
Then you are at the right place, a picturesque village with which you will fall in love.

Visit the city

Heraklion City is the Capital of Crete Island and the 3rd largest city in greece


Most days in Crete are sunny and warm. You are always advised to have with you a jacket just in case.

Various activities

Cooking lessons , arts & crafts , Bread kneading, Worry beads, The social life of the village

Guided Tour

This tour can be offered in the following languages : English, German ,Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French


This tour requires : Comfortable shoes, sun lotion and some water . Taste local food and drinks , in case of allergies please inform us before hand!!

Activity 1 : Cretan Cuisine
Trust our welcoming people and cook with us. Taste the pure products of the Cretan land. Hands-on experience for an exceptional souvenir. A culinary journey of smells and tastes.
Activity 2 : Cretan dances
A professional, enthusiast and patient Cretan dancer will show you the steps of the famous dances of Greece and Crete. Zorba the Greek, Syrtaki and much more OPA !!
Activity 3 : Bread kneading & Worry beads
A: Our baker, willing and smiling, will introduce you to the secrets of homemade bread. B: What an incredible experience. We will introduce you to the magical world of the Kompoloe.
Activity 4 : Museum
Welcome to the Museum of Rural History and Folk Craft Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village and the Museum of Rural History and Folk Craft are top tourist cultural attractions in the Crete region and the prefectures of Heraklion and Malevizi. Heraklion has a long history of agricultural life and handicrafts. Both are available in the museum of Arolithos village. Our museum is one of the most interesting places to visit around and near Heraklion. Items of everyday life and economic activity of the Cretan people have been collected and displayed in an outstanding exhibition of the traditions and folklore of Crete. Visiting our museum is always a unique experience as you may comprehend even deeper the development of the culture of the island of Crete.
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