Discover the Cretan country side

Tasting experience 4-5 Hours 40+ min for private

Brief Description

Drive deep into the beautiful Cretan countryside, to the traditional village of Steironas. Take a deep breath here, and enjoy the fresh mountain air as you take in the majestic view – you are 550 meters above sea level. Steironas is a tiny village with traditional stone buildings arranged amphitheatrically, with a view toward the mountains. Here we’ll visit a botanical parterre which is home to various aromatic and medicinal herbs from the mountains of Crete.

 Wine has been made in Crete since the Minoans, and we’ll have a chance to literally put our lips to the deep cup of traditional Cretan winemaking when we visit a raki distiller and sample traditional raki directly from the barrels of Mr Vasilli’s cellar! We’ll learn about wine production and bottling, followed by  Cretan meze with pure Cretan olive oil and other local products, and traditional Cretan dancers will perform for us during our meal! This is a deep, satisfying draught of the countryside of Crete. Enjoy! 

Visit the city

Heraklion City is the Capital of Crete Island and the 3rd largest city in greece


Most days in Crete are sunny and warm. You are always advised to have with you a jacket just in case.

Outdoor activity

While on excursion make sure you have comfy shoes to enjoy the scenery

Guided Tour

This tour can be offered in the following languages : English, German ,Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French


This tour requires : Comfortable shoes, sun lotion and some water . Taste local food and drinks , in case of allergies please inform us before hand!!

Stop 1 Drive to Steironas
After your pick up we drive through the city and the Continue towards the center of Heraklion municipality. After a short drive we reach the area where most Cretan wineries have their vineyards
Stop 2 The winery
Arrive at the outdoor space of steironas and meet Mr Vasilis, one of the brothers that have made this experience unique. Enjoy his passion and learn about the local way of wine making
Stop 3 The City of Heraklion
After Walk around the venetian city of Heraklion and enjoy your free time with some shopping or some Bougatsa (traditional local treat) on the Lions Square.
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