Knossos Palace and the Archaeological museum

Knossos Palace and the Archaeological Museum

historical excursion 4-5 Hours 20+ min for private

Brief Description

Depart from Heraklion and visit The ancient city of Knossos, with constant habitation from the Neolithic era until the 5th century A.D., is beyond doubt the land that “gave birth” to the first civilization of Europe, the Minoans. The first excavations begun in 1878 by the Heraklian Minos Kalokairinos. A bit later (1900—1913 & 1922—1930) the excavations by the British Sir Arthur Evans completed the scientific research, bringing to light the Minoan palace in its entirety, which was, according to tradition, the residence of the wise King Minos.

 The palace of Knossos spreads around the large Central Court. You will reach the awe inspiring Throne Room, the fresco of the “Prince of the Lilies”, the imposing Grand Staircase, the Queen’s Megaron in the east. Walking through the apartments of the Knossos palace and observing the finds even as passers-­‐by, you will feel part of this cultural heritage. Then drive to the town and walk along the 25th August str. , stop to see Saint Titos Orthodox Church, the Basilica of St. Marcus , now houses the Municipal Art Gallery and the Loggia Heraklion Town Hall.

Visit the city

Heraklion City is the Capital of Crete Island and the 3rd largest city in greece


Most days in Crete are sunny and warm. You are always advised to have with you a jacket just in case.

Hotel Pickup & Drop-off

Various pick up points may require you to meet at specific locations.

Guided Tour

This tour can be offered in the following languages : English, German ,Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French


This tour requires : Comfortable shoes, sun lotion and some water . The majority of the tour is on uneven terrain so caution is strongly adviced

Stop 1 The Palace of Knossos
After your pick up we drive through the city to the Palace of Knossos. The entrance fee is 15 euro for older than 25 and free for EU citizens under 25.Over 65 y.o Non-Eu citizens pay half with valid ID. Make sure to always mind your step while in the site!!
Stop 2 The Museum
The archaeological museum of Heraklion . Entrance fee is 10 euro per person or 20euro for combined ticket with Knossos. (Discounts apply on specific cases).
Stop 3 The City of Heraklion
Walk around the venetian city of Heraklion and enjoy your free time with some shopping or some Bougatsa (traditional local treat) on the Lions Square
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